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ERC '2012



Resuming all competitions

As of 15/06/2020 all competitions are resumed, please check the Calendar.


COVID-19 Pandemic

Competitions previously planned for 26/04/2020, 03/05/2020 and 10/05/2020 have been postponed.


COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to COVID-19 pandemic Shotgun Competition, initially scheduled for 12/04/2020 is postponed.


COVID-19 Pandemic

As per Ministry of Health's order RD-01-124/13.03.2020 Rifle competition, scheduled for 22/03/2020 is postponed for a later date.


Handgun L3 13.10.2019

Handgun competition planned for 13/10/19 is moved for 03/11/19


Rifle competition

The competition, planned for 14.09.2019 is CANCELLED.


Shotgun 04/08/2019

Shotgun shooting competition scheduled for is CANCELLED.


Ioannina, Greece, 04.11.2017 L3 Hellenic Uniforms Challenge

1st place and President Medal for our competitor Ivan Stoev.


Bulgarian Rifle Nationals 2017 medals

SAO, Overall

1. Nikolai. Kr. Nikolov
2. Alexander Koussev
3. Metodi Markov

SAO, senrios

1. Valentin Loupov
2. Lybomir Enchev
3. Dimitar Dimitrov

SAS, overall

1. Ivan Stoev
2. Geno Andreev
3. Ivan Hristoskov

SAS, seniors

1. Ruben Kohi
2. Todor Pavlov
3. Georgi Kolyov

SAO, teams

1. Dynamic 2 SAO
- Nikolai Nikolov
- Alexandar Koussev
- Nikola Pepelishev
- Georgi Georgiev

2. Grand Open Team
- Metodi Markov
- Nikola Topalov
- Tihomir Trichkov
- Krasimir Mihtiev

3. Desant 68 SAO
- Todor Terziyski
- Georgi Minchev
- Plamen Nikolov
- Vasil Tashev

SAS Teams

1. Desant 68-2
- Ivan Tatarski
- Georgi Miankov
- Momchil Kostov
- Grozdan Naydov

- Ignat Petrov
- Hristo Borisov
- Plamen Kuzmov
- Todor Pavlov

3. Desant 68-1
- Vladimir Lyubenov
- Georgi Angelov
- Bozhidar Boikov
- Georgi Marinov


Bulgarian Shotgun Nationals 2017 medals

Open Division, overall
1. Krasimir Mihtiev
2. Kaloyan Georgiev
3. Svetoslav Eftimo

Open Division, seniors
1. Krasimir Mihtiev
2. Doncho Donchev
3. Metodi Botrovliev

Standard Division
1. Georgi Georgiev
2. Ludmil Milkov
3. Nikolai Skiparnov

Standard Manual Division
1. Nikolai Kr. Nikolov
2. Ilian Iliev
3. Metodi Markov


Serbian Handgun Nationals 2017

Bulgarian competitors rankings

Open Division

1st Aleksander Koussev
14th Kolio Dochev

Production Division

50th Borislav Sariev
64th Pavlin Todorov

Standard Division

12th Ivan Stoev


Hellenic Shotgun Nationals 2017

Bulgarian competitors rankings

Standard Manual Division
1st place Nikolay Nikolov

Standard Division
2nd place Georgi Georgiev


Hellenic Handgun Nationals 2017

Bulgarian competitors rankings

Production Division

3rd place Artem Sakharov
18th place Borislav Sariev

Standard Division

2nd place Ivan Stoev
76th place Svetoslav Vushev

Open Division

12th place Kolio Dochev


World Shoot XVIII France rankings

25. Artem Sakharov, 87.6169%
331. Emil Dimitrov, 59.1268%

102. Aleksander Koussev, 72.5423%
162. Nikola Topalov, 66.8536%
255. Nikola Pepelishev, 57.7057%


Bulgaria Handgun Nationals 2017, medals

Classic, overall
1. Metodi Markov
2. Tihomir Trichkov
3. Dimitar Atanasov

Classic, Senior
1. Metodi Botrovliev
2. Todor Pavlov

Open, overall
1. Alexander Koussev
2. Nikola Topalov
3. Nikola Pepelishev

Open, Senior
1. Trifon Gatev
2. Zdravko Zapryanov

Production, overall
1. Rossen Hristov
2. Zlatomir Milanov
3. Konstantin Petorv

Production, Lady
1. Joana Shtereva
2. Lubomira Tosheva
3. Anelia Gidikova

Production, Senior
1. Kamen Paunov
2. Ognyan Jekov
3. Milen Kostadinov

Revolver, overall
1. Nikolay Nikolov
2. Emil Apostolov
3. Plamen Pelovski

Revolver, Sernior
1. Emil Apostolov
2. Plamen Pelovski
3. Jordan Markov

Standard, overall
1. Ivan Stoev
2. Dimitar Mangurov
3. Tzanko Bliznakov

Standard, Senior
1. John Petersson
2. Stanislav Andreev
3. Trajcho Trajkov


Bulgaria Airsoft Nationals 2017 medals

1. Kaloyan Georgiev
2. Stefany Isaeva
3. Ilian Tsvetansky

Production, Junior
1. Dimitar Mitov
2. Boyan Spasov
3. Aleksander Boev

Standard, Junior
1. Vesko Kolev
2. Aleksis Vezenkov
3. Krisian Ivanov

December 27, 2011

Annual rankings - Airsoft

Details: here.

May 5, 2011

3 - GUN Charity Tournament

Starting in 10:00 am on the 14th of May '2011, the BDSF organize an IPSC charity tournament at the "Diana L" shooting complex in the Lozen village near Sofia. The aim of the event is to raise money for restoring the memorial fountain devoted to the Second Bulgarian Army's officers and soldiers who gave their lives during the World War I (1915 - 1918). The monument is built in the Levunovo village near the city of Sandanski, where the Second Bulgarian Army' headquarters was located. The tournament will be held under the rules of the IPSC in all the three disciplines - Rifle, Shotgun and Handgun. We hereby invite all of you to be our guests at the tournament! For more information please call +359 (0)886 664685.

February 4, 2011

Commandos discover the shooting sports' Formula 1

Commandos are attracted by the shooting sports' Formula 1. The leading armies support teams in this elite sport. Commandos from the 68th Special Forces Brigade in Plovdiv took part in a seminar on a relatively new sport in Bulgaria - the practical shooting (IPSC), better known worldwide as the Formula 1 of the shooting sports. The definition is not accidental. The IPSC shooting requires really top speed in handling the weapon, but also determination, resourcefulness, accuracy. And they are achieved with courage and excellent orientation. All these are qualities that are extremely valuable for both the IPSC competitors and the military. You may find the full text of the article here.

April 17, 2010

The Minister of the Physical Education and Sports Mr. Svilen Neykov received a special plaque for his exceptional contribution to the recognition of IPSC in Bulgaria. The president of the BDSF Mr. Ivan Barzilov explained that due to the Mr. Neykov's support the BDSF had applied and received the honor to conduct a prestigious European Championship in 2012. Mr. Svilen Neykov expressed readiness his Ministry to assist to every sport which will raise the prestige of our country. The IPSC as a sport is recognized in more than 80 countries. For the short time that our country develops this sport, we have ranked among the best, twice winning the prize for the Most Ipmroved Region in the world. In 2010 Bulgarian shooters have already won two gold medals from an international competition in Greece.

February 15, 2010

The president of the Bulgarian Dynamic Shooting Federation Mr. Ivan Barzilov awarded the Minister of Interior of Bulgaria Mr. Tzvetanov with a plaque. Thus, the representatives of the most prestigious shooting sports have expressed their gratitude for the support of the Minister and the Ministry of Interior in obtaining a license. After this procedure, the federation has applied to the World Confederation and has earned the honor to host the European IPSC Rifle Championship '2012 in Bulgaria. The representatives of the BDSF invited the interior minister to become patron of the European Championship '2012.

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