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ERC '2012

A Brief History Of The IPSCipsc

Jeff Cooper The IPSC-style competitive shooting was developed in southern California (USA) in the late 1950's and quickly spread throughout the shooting world. In May'1976 in Columbia (USA) the first International Pistol Conference was held, where forty representatives of different countries determined the main principles and future goals of the sport called "Practical shooting". The IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) was born. John Dean "Jeff" Cooper is its first and Honorary Lifetime Chairman. Along with the targets combo IPSC rules and constitution, during the first conference the main principle of the IPSC shooting was defined - a balance between accuracy, speed and control of the power of the weapon. So was born the motto of the organization - DVC (Diligenta, Vis, Celeritas). Translated from Latin it means "Accuracy, Power, Speed". Although the roots of the IPSC shooting uspsa are in the military applications, IPSC is developed solely as a sporting activity (as well as karate, aikido, biathlon, etc.). The IPSC has its own olympic games held every three years - The World Shoоt. The most supreme achievement in this sport is the title of the World Champion.

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