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ERC '2012

Structure of the BDSFLogo of the BDSF

Chairman of the BDSF
Mr. Marian Petkov
handy: +359 (0)897 873 804, e-mail: m.petkov@ipscbg.org

Regional Director
Mr. Nikola Topalov
handy: +359 (0)887 631 267, e-mail: n.topalov@ipscbg.org

Secretary of the BDSFMr. Nikola Pepelishev
handy: +359 (0)888 500 501, e-mail: n.pepelishev@ipscbg.org

Management Board of the BDSF
Consists of the Chairman, the Regional Director and the Secretary of the BDSF.


Disciplinary Commission
Mrs. Jivko Antonov - head of the commission
E-mail: dc@ipscbg.org

Range Officers College
Mr. Velizar Zachariev - head of the college
handy: +359 (0)889 998066, e-mail: velizar_zachariev@yahoo.com

Finance Commission
Mr. Krasimir Mihtiev - head of the commission
handy: +359 (0)888 709 878, e-mail: krasimir.mihtiev@ipscbg.org

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